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Orval Trappist Ale

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Orval is uniquely fruity and bitter and is considered a high fermentation beer. It is the ageing process that adds a fruity note and subtle balance to the beer’s full-bodied and complex flavour and bitterness. It adheres to the same manufacturing standards for over 80 years.  

Full of aroma, the beer maintains the right level of bitterness due to the English method of dry hopping. The beer continues to ferment through its various stages of aging; combined fermentation with the original yeast and with wild yeast, as well fermentation in the bottle.  

The brewery was created in 1931 to fund the reconstruction of the Orval Abbey. Income from royalties generated to this day are still used for maintenance of the building and social welfare in the community, while part of the revenue is given to charity. It is an Authentic Trappist Product 

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